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I love Taters, we all love Taters! Your entertainment snacks sure to give you that mind and taste bud stimulation as you enjoy your time at Commercenter. Get the best of taste with our variety of snacks and drinks to offer. Come by Taters at Commercenter.


The Aivee Clinic is geared towards giving patients complexions that transcend beyond healthy through gentle, non-invasive procedures with a touch of luxury. The Aivee Clinic prides itself in having an esteemed roster of highly skilled dermatologists and thoroughly trained aestheticians, all with whom genuine patient care and concern naturally radiates. Build confidence in your skin …



Indulge in the captivating world of Korean desserts at our specialty store, where we delight in serving exquisite bingsu creations. From traditional flavors to unique twists, The Bingsu offers a menu consisting of a selection of meticulously crafted desserts with the finest ingredients, bringing you a taste of ice and bliss in every spoonful.


Your comfort-style, everyday food and drinks. The Pig Pen offers a fusion of flavors and a fiest of choices. Expect quality food and drinks kept interesting each time you dine in at Pig Pen.


A safe space where every child can develop living to their fullest, the Therabilities therapy centre and sensory gym encourage a community of inspired professionals and empowered families. They offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and special education. Come and put your children’s well-being at the forefront of it all!


Where you could tap into your child’s unlimited potential, Thinkers Unlimited is a progressive elementary school that sways away from traditional learning. Allow your kids to immerse into a learning space where they engage in their own learning style. Provide them with comfortable working spaces that suits their own needs!


Nurture your child’s unlimited potential at Toddlers Unlimited, a place of a warm and stimulating environment, experienced educators, and engaging activities. Toddlers Unlimited is an ultimate provider of a nurturing space for toddlers to develop their skills, build friendships, and experience their milestones into growth.

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